Donor Appreciation!

Hello All! We hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!

We’ve been making one-of-a-kind wood-burned Christmas ornaments and gifts for donations to our Hardesty House Infertility fundraiser website. If you would like to learn more about our ornaments, please check out our Hardesty House Facebook page.

In case you aren’t familiar with our story, Chad and I have created a fundraiser website to raise enough money to afford IVF. All of our doctors agree that IVF is our best and likely the only way we’ll have a child. Unfortunately, it is very expensive. Please check out our site to learn more and consider donating! It would mean the world to us, and if everyone donated something (even one dollar), it would get us so much closer to filling the ache in our home.

Our site does use PayPal to process donations, but you can also use a debit or credit card to donate—NO PayPal account required. Also, anyone who donates $50 or more in the month of December is eligible to receive a complimentary wood-burned Christmas ornament!

The biggest news about our site, however, is that we’ve been thinking about a way to publicly recognize the generosity of those who donate to our cause, so Chad has added a “Donor Appreciation Wall” to our site!! Now, anyone who has already donated, or will donate to our website, is eligible to have their name placed on the wall. We will only add your name if you grant us permission to do so, and we will need to know how you want your name displayed. Also, if you would like to add your name to a higher level, just make another donation of the difference. We will add additional donations to your previous donation and place your name on the appropriate level for your total donation. Here is the link to the Donor Appreciation Wall, or you can click to it on our website from any page with a right sidebar under “Favorite Places”. Please check it out and consider donating to our cause and you can be famous! Also, if you are viewing this from Facebook, please Like and consider Sharing to continue to help us get the word out!

Love to you all, and thank you again!

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