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As singles, Hilary and I both struggled in our search for love that ultimately led us to each other. I had a child from a previous relationship, and Hilary experienced the pain of divorce from her first husband. We are thankful to know a God who loves using the brokenness of life for good, even though it’s not always apparent how a situation can possibly be good.

We started attending our local church—The Crossing—while dating in 2011, and it’s been our church home ever since. In 2012, we were engaged and contacted the church for what we call “premarital foundation building.” Foundation building was something we felt strongly about doing before exchanging vows, to give our relationship something more to build on, and especially important to us given the current statistics on marriage. Later that same year, Dave Cover, one of the pastors of The Crossing, married us among the beautiful natural setting of Alpine Park and Gardens. It was a time of great happiness for us within a season of difficult emotional and legal challenges.

The same year Hilary and I got married, my daughter’s mother decided to relocate out-of-state. Family court became unavoidable, and it was a long, drawn-out, painful experience that took two years of our life, all of our financial resources, and eventually resulted in the court granting permission to my ex to relocate with my daughter. I have never been so personally devastated as to lose the relationship I had with my daughter before she was relocated 4 hours away.

Meanwhile, Hilary and I were already beginning to struggle biologically with building a family of our own. We started reading books and articles on infertility, joined support groups, attended infertility conferences, and sought out professional advice to find answers and gain some hope of conceiving naturally. After years of praying and searching, the answer we heard from our doctor is that IFV or adoption are our only options for having a baby. We don’t have the up-front financial resources on our own to travel very far down either path – which brings us to this website.

Age is a significant factor in conception. We are getting older, and without help from you, we won’t be able to conceive or adopt. All of the money raised through Hardesty House Infertility will be applied exclusively toward the vision we’ve shared for the website. Whether it’s for our first IVF fundraiser, an adoption, to support the creation of a non-profit organization/foundation, or as a grant for another sponsored couple also struggling with infertility, we are good stewards.

We’d like to thank you for your time here today and want to encourage you to reach out to us, either here on our website or through social media. Will you take a quick moment and help support our fundraiser for a baby? Please, donate by clicking the “Support This Family” button on this page.

Food for thought: If you have a problem that mankind can fix, then you don’t have a problem.

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  • Dear Hilary and Chad, I totally appreciate what you’re dealing with and know it first-hand. Sending love and support your way. Remember too that you are in good hands. Marianne and Bob

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